Whitbread’s Director tells Construction News how ProNett’s delivered.

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In February 2014, Construction News published an article  “FM client view: Help us forecast expenditure” by Alex Flach – Construction and R&M Director of Whitbread plc.

In the article he talks to the industry’s leading media source about what ProNett has delivered for the company, who own the UK’s biggest hotel chain, Premier Inn as well as well-known restaurant brands including Beefeater and Brewer’s Fayre.

Whitbread Director talks to Construction News about ProNett.

Article published in February 2014

On reading the article, ProNett Founder and Chief Executive, Paul Gunn said:

“These words are not ours, but it’s very encouraging to our business to hear them. Our client retention and new business growth from market-leaders is testament to the effectiveness and power of ProNett.”

In the article (full version attached), the following was said about ProNett:

“Using ProNett has meant staff at every one of our 670 sites can log into an online portal to record maintenance jobs that are required.”

“We are now able to understand our costs at a granular level, which is hugely important”

“Using this system means every day we know how much maintenance is going on across our portfolio, how much we’re spending on it and whether one particular site is having more or less work.”

“Across our chain we have more than 600 operations managers, who all deal with things differently, but through using ProNett it means their regional managers can keep an eye on where there expenditure is going and it means we’ve been much better able to forecast.”

“We can then direct the internal maintenance team as appropriate and we can procure and track small packages (flooring, for example), which is a great advantage in the hotel business.”

“Also, in terms of our external FM providers, the system allows us to pay them quickly, which is very important.”

“We are now able to understand our costs at a granular level, which is hugely important – we can make strategic decisions about sites with recurring problems, as we’re able to identify them more easily with this system.”


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