Salad bar ‘Tossed’ dress it up with ProNett!

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Tossed SaladSalad bar ‘Tossed’ dress it up with ProNett!

 Vincent McKevitt, Top Tosser and Director, opened first healthy dining “Tossed” store in Paddington in 2005 serving ‘yummy’ healthy food, ensuring that the coffee is Fairtrade, the eggs are free range and the locality of the leaves, stating that they travel less than 50 miles and go from field to bowl in approximately 48 hours.

The Multi-Site business saw itself expand from 9 stores only in central London in 2012 to 20 stores today, ranging from Central London to Large Shopping Centre food courts to Welcome Break Service Stations. And to celebrate the success of the nutritious dining chain and Tossed’s 10th birthday , Top Tosser, Vincent, made the decision to start ‘tossing’ with ProNett to support the growth of the company by providing Tossed with a property maintenance and facilities management software solution.

The benefits for multi-site businesses is that the cost effective software is browser driven, so they aren’t having to download or install anything, it is hosted by its own private cloud, in addition to this, by listening and adapting to customers’ needs the simple to use updated software and mobile application has made it even easier for clients, to get even faster maintenance related fixes, allowing them to concentrate on day to day operations and business development, it also allows the contractors to receive a fair days pay for a fair days work.

In order to be able to use the software effectively and efficiently minimal training is required, the system is easy to navigate through, and if extra help is required the customised software has an E-learning section which provides our clients with videos displaying step by step, the actions that they could carry out on their system. They are able to have complete control and management over the maintenance for their business from this simple to use software.

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