ProNetts Mobile Web Applications

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ProNetts Mobile Web Applications

 Our highly developed web-based mobile apps are all results of the continued innovation and development by our team here at ProNett. Our constant forward thinking has enabled us to create three web based mobile applications, which are tailor made for our customers, their contractors’ and engineers attending the job.

 Our customer’s contractors are able to set up their engineers with a ProNett account enabling them to access their allocated jobs with ease.


The ProNett mobile application allows Unit Managers to raise a callout via their smartphone; with a simple five-step process, Managers can select the equipment type and urgency in which it needs to be repaired including a photo of the broken piece of equipment. If authorisation levels are required, an Area Manager for example may need to approve the order. This is where the release app comes into play.



The Release App can be accessed via the relevant decision makers’ smartphone. Callouts and purchase order requests made by unit managers can be reviewed, approved and released. Having controlled authorisation levels within a business enables management teams to control budget spend. ProNett helps customers control and monitor their expenditure resulting in reduced costs.

 Once approved, the contractor is notified and allocates the job to one of their available engineers.


On arrival, the engineer simply signs in on his ProNett application and selects the relevant job to log his arrival on site. All engineers are GPS located via the app; this confirms that they are on site. All health and safety checks must be carried out by the engineer on ProNett before starting the job. Once completed, the Unit Manager is then able to sign the screen using their fingertip to confirm all the details entered are correct.

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On departure, the engineer enters the departure time and job details. Once more, the engineer is GPS located through the app. This enables our customers’ head office to have verification that the job completed was signed off by the Unit Manager on location.

managers_signature2The overall advantages of our web-based mobile apps provide our customers with a simplified way to record safety and compliance checks as and when they complete them. The benefit of being able to allocate jobs through the ease of a smartphone to an external contractor, speeds up the overall callout and repair process. Our software creates clear communication within a business and allows our customers to be in full control of their property maintenance. ProNetts mobile applications add an extra touch of excellence to our unique and outstanding maintenance software.






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