Ooo La La! Paul Patisseries Pick ProNett

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 Paul Patisserie

Ooo La La!  Paul Patisserie’s Picks ProNett for Property Maintenance Software.

PAUL has brought the French style bakery experience to London, Washington, Dubai, Moscow, Tokyo, Singapore and many more locations, with the sophisticated French décor, which became a part of the brand in 1993 when Francis Holder searched all over France for antiques to match the well-known black store front.

The brand has expanded from the original small family bakery in 1889 to family members taking over the one PAUL bakery from the PAUL family in 1953 in Lille, France, to the first PAUL patisserie to open outside of France in 1985 in Barcelona, Spain, to now the hundreds of PAUL bakeries that are based internationally.

As well as serving a range of traditional French foods; Croissants, pain au chocolats, macarons, eclairs and Baguettes, one which was named after the founder, Charlemagne, on the 120th anniversary of the bakery in 2009, they also serve many different sandwiches, pizza breads, salads, soups, quiches, hot drinks, cakes and many other patisseries.

ProNett will allow PAUL patisserie to get property maintenance related fixes quickly which would enable the business to concentrate on their values; Passion for craftsmanship, family tradition, quality at heart, French tradition and crafting loyalty. As well as their continuously expanding brand.

The timely implementation process meant that PAUL patisserie were up and running quickly. The property maintenance and facility management software solution is simple to comprehend, therefore minimal, very basic training is needed in order for the company to be able to use the software efficiently.

ProNett is constantly adapting to meet the standards of our vast client base, the development team ensure that all of our clients will be able to use the very best up to date and most current version of our software, even with the updates the software will remain easy to follow as well as understand.

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