Caprice Holdings Embrace ProNett

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Caprice Holdings Embrace ProNett

Caprice Holdings encompasses some of London’s favourite restaurants. From the glamour of Le Caprice to the elegance of Daphne’s, the theatricality of The Ivy to the stylishness of Scott’s and 34. This group of restaurants cuisines range far and wide; Traditional British, Tuscan, French and South East-Asian. All of which share a devotion to quality. ¬†In order to keep up the reputation of these iconic brands, The restaurants property maintenance must be kept under control.

Further to the success of The Ivy Collection utilising ProNett, Caprice Holdings and The Birley Group have also embraced ProNett. We are delighted to have such a prestigious customer choose ProNett as their properties maintenance management solution. A restaurants maintenance is a key element to its success. ProNett ensures compliance is maintained with auto scheduled visits within the system which allows all health and safety checks to be undertaken and all machinery and equipment to be serviced on time.

Through ProNetts web-based mobile application unit managers are able to raise callouts for any repairs needed. A tiered hierarchy structure allows approval and release by a member of the management team, this too is easily completed through the app, resulting in a quicker sign-off process. Once approved the contractor is alerted and in turn they allocate the job to one of their engineers who receive the details on their phone. With over 10,000 engineers now using their smartphones to log their job details on site using the ProNett App, the system tried, tested and proven efficiency.


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