Sweet Potato Group introduces ProNett to Cabana and Hush


Sweet Potato Group introduces ProNett to Cabana and Hush

The Sweet Potato Group, comprising of growing brands Cabana Brasilian Barbecue and Hush Brasseries have just signed a three-year contract with ProNett to use its Property Maintenance and Facilities Management Software Solution across the company.

Since 1999, restaurateur Jamie Barber has brought to London concepts that have included Villandry Grand Café’s and Kitchen Italia. Since 2011 his focus has been on developing the original Hush in Mayfair, London into a chain of brasseries and Cabana, which has recently announced its 6th location of the Brasilian Barbecue brand at The O2 London this summer.

The solution is being launched into the company’s sites in the next few weeks – far faster than advertised “within six weeks”. This is due to Barber’s strong desire to get the system up and running in their sites and used by his contractors as soon as possible.

The use of ProNett within the business provides real-time accurate information and performance for each contractor and delivers transparency to all of its customers, being able to do this provides both Property and Operation Managers with the right information to ensure that Contractors and Suppliers provide the best service whilst ensuring the best value from the supply chain within that process.

ProNett goes live in mid-April into Hush Brasseries and Cabana Brasilian Barbeque sites.

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