Wahaca And Wyevale Take Another Fork Full Of ProNett

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Wahaca And Wyevale Take Another Fork Full Of ProNett


Wahaca and Wyevale Garden Centres have both renewed their contracts with ProNett, signing up for another 3 years.

Both brands, offer very different services, however together they are benefiting from using ProNetts property maintenance software as their facilities management solution. This is a great example of how ProNett can be beneficial for any multi site operators, from retail to restaurants, from hotels to leisure centres, from clubs to pubs.

Within the last three years Wahaca have continued their growth as a successful Mexican food brand resulting in 21 restaurants, 3 bars and 2 street kitchens. All of which rely on ProNetts software to manage their facilities maintenance. Auto scheduling of planned maintenance visits enables our customers to have all vital equipment serviced on time this means that all compliance checks are made on time. The ability to raise callouts for repairs means that quick first time fixes keep all of Wahacas’ units in working order.

Wyevale’s operates 153 garden centres in England and Wales and are the largest Garden Centre group in the UK. Wyevale’s are extending their usage of ProNett up to 9 years now. They have benefited from having clear visibility of their cost centre spend management. Managed authorisation levels entitle members of the management team to approve and release order requests dependent on the available budget. Exact year to date figures of maintenance expenditure by the business and each of its individual units are available to view within the ProNett system.

Our development team here at ProNett are continually working on ways to improve, streamline and simplify the software making it easy to use for everyone.

ProNett continues to attract new customers, and its cutting edge software and endless capabilities retain our customers like Wahaca and Wyevale’s. ProNett can be beneficial for any multi site organisation.


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