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ProNett Stakes Gaucho

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ProNett Stakes Gaucho – Gaucho delighted with success Cau has had with ProNett

At the start of the year sister brand Cau, chose ProNett as its property maintenance software solution. After observing the success of the system, Gaucho have now rolled ProNett out across its estate too. Gaucho is recognised as a high end luxury restaurant brand and believes that every guest should experience a little bit of argentine life.

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Tesco sticks Giraffe restaurant’s neck out to reach more people.

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Tesco sticks Giraffe restaurant’s neck out to reach more people

Tesco’s have today announced a rapid expansion of their company’s dining/coffee operations (which is currently an impressive 2 per week!). They are either fully-owned or partners in each business. It’s a forward-thinking approach for the well-known Supermarket Chain, as they say “transforming Tesco through a relentless focus on providing the most compelling offer for our customers.”

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