ProNett Stakes Gaucho

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ProNett Stakes Gaucho – Gaucho delighted with success Cau has had with ProNett

At the start of the year sister brand Cau, chose ProNett as its property maintenance software solution. After observing the success of the system, Gaucho have now rolled ProNett out across its estate too. Gaucho is recognised as a high end luxury restaurant brand and believes that every guest should experience a little bit of argentine life.

Multisite operators like The Gaucho Group are able to gain a clear view of each business entity (be it Cau or Gaucho) maintenance expenditure within the ProNett system. This allows the group to be comforted that all units have their PMV contracts, reactive repairs and general maintenance covered and accessed all in one place.

Callouts are raised through the ProNett system by following a simple 5-step process. The use of a virtual layout allows unit managers to narrow their selection down to the exact equipment type that is in need of repair. The unit manager is presented with the best performing, best value contractor. This results in overall quicker first time fixes and reduced expenditure.


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