ProNett Parachutes In Property and Facilities Management software solution

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Parachuting ProNett Solution

ProNett Parachutes In Property and Facilities Management software solution

Gone are the days spent pushing jelly uphill convincing businesses that the internet provides the solution for property and facilities management. Customers are now proactively looking to parachute ProNett into their business and implement ‘new solutions’ for ‘old problems’. Things break, they need fixing… the time it takes to find the telephone number for the ‘Traditional Helpdesk’, the order is already raised with ProNett and the contractor on route. The clock is ticking to arrival and the contractor knows it. You can see it, they can see it, with the governing driver being transparency in the real-time.

The simplicity afforded by the ProNett solution in the management of regional and local contractors delivers results, reducing downtime of revenue generating assets. As the usage of ProNett by multi-site operators spreads, the benefits grow. With currently 37 sites in Aberdeen, 57 in Bristol and 407 in London, with 4000+ sites supported by ProNett throughout the UK there are contractors in the same high street or shopping district as your site too, all being monitored and checked on performance, service and price.

To tap into improved service levels and cost savings from your contractors take a look around and the first steps to making make the switch.

ProNett doesn’t penalise contractor’s or squeeze the pip’s out of their operational margins it allow a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

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