Private Cloud hosted to ensure our customers enjoy Full Performance!

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Private Cloud Hosted

As well as ensuring that ProNett customers are never affected by others servers struggling to cope with the latest viral video downloads doing the rounds; Moving to a ‘Private Cloud’ offers numerous benefits to ProNett customers be it their head offices, contractors or the thousands of high-street shops, restaurants, bars and pubs that use the property maintenance technology on a daily basis.

‘Watch the link below…. IBM explain better exactly what we mean’

IBM Cloud: Who’s Sharing Your Cloud?

As ProNett is a 24/7/365 end-to-end solution, being hosted on its own private cloud means our technology offers our customers greater control, flexibility, scaling, more security, higher performance, deeper compliance and customisation.

When does it happen? It has already!

Within weeks our preferred hosting company: UkFast had provided us with a solution that was then tested by our team and implemented customer-by-customer, with each being carefully managed and monitored to ensure our high levels of performance of ProNett were unaffected in any way.

How much did this cost our customers? Nothing!

The decision to invest in improving our infrastructure was made to ensure that customers can remain confident that ProNett provides the very best forward-thinking solution – both for our long-term customer relationships along with the many new customers who become aware of our innovative world’s leading SaaS technology.

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