Mod Pizza Hits The UK With Support From ProNett

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Mod Pizza Hits The UK With Support From Of ProNett

In 2008 a couple in Seattle had an idea, it was inspired by their love of pizza and simple pleasures. Creating bespoke artisan pizzas, MOD has taken the US by storm and has set its sights on the UK. MOD pizza was our first ever customer to sign up with no sites yet open. Having launched a couple of months ago MOD are starting their expansion throughout the UK.

With the aid of ProNetts maintenance software MOD will immediately benefit from reduced paper work, controlled costs and clear budgets set within the system which will help to cut out any unwanted and avoidable costs. The easy to use intuitive system allows a callout to be raised within 5 simple clicks, resulting in a quick response time from contractors and their engineers along with a first time fix.

A further benefit that ProNett provides its customers with is the Construction Module. This is great for continually expanding brands, taking on new buildings or the refurbishment of existing establishments. The system helps to manage the construction process step by step, enabling each milestone to be completed and signed off via the software. this creates a smooth streamlined process and ensures all the relevant people involved with the job are aware of each stage that it’s at and the expenditure position.

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