Multi-Site Operators Invest In ProNett to assist with Brand Consistency

Brand protection is an area of significant investment for retailers to ensure consistency of service and quality throughout a multi-site estate. It’s essential that the customer receives the same high level of standards no matter where they are or which branded outlet they use. This of course is a vital constituent in gaining the confidence of discerning consumers, and a requirement to compete in today’s bustling economy.

This fact is not missed upon ProNett, with the product recognising the need for multi-site operators to protect their assets and maintain consistent standards throughout their estates. This helps avoid the ‘one bad apple’ scenario and the affect it could have upon an entire retail chain, such is the power of social media and consumer awareness.

The power of ProNett is to provide the tools for multi-site operators to manage geographical consistency on performance, standards, compliance and cost control, serving real-time information to ensure that this is achieved. No matter where the location, no matter how big or how small a venue, outlet or site, the service level should be the same, and this is the criteria that ProNett helps fulfil. It is with clear dashboards to the multi-site operators outlets, management tiers and head office that this is achieved. From the first instance, contractors and suppliers are consciously aware of the transparency that exists who up their game to avoid exposure on poor performance.

ProNett Customers enjoy in excess of 83% of all tasks transiting the system without intervention, having met with customers set service level agreements, meaning that their focus can firmly be placed upon those works requiring attention through automatically escalated exceptions. With a full audit trail of who did what, said what when, meaning that solutions to problems can be quickly found. The statistical average of business-critical works being completed using ProNett is one day, and non-business critical works within the next working day. These statistical averages include those jobs that have an extended excessive waiting time for specialist parts from around the globe on protracted deliveries.

The self-serve interaction with the private cloud hosted ProNett application results in immediacy, no delays or frustrating waits on call handling queues to traditional help-desks…. lost time is downtime, downtime is lost revenue.

With the interface of ProNett being in the same format for all sites, relief and shift management is of no concern, as operational team members can instantly familiarise themselves with the status of repairs and maintenance required to protect the Retail Brand and business asset.

It is the simple shift from old-school traditional help-desks to ProNett’s forward thinking technology that’s making a difference for multi-site operators.


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