Mamma Mia, it’s ProNett for Jamie’s Italian too!

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Jamie’s Italian, Fifteen, Barbecoa, Jamie’s Diner, Unions Jacks and Recipease.

Jamie’s is a hugely successful and growing restaurant group which includes Fifteen, Barbecoa, Union Jacks, Jamie’s Italian, Jamie’s Diner and Recipease; operating in over 50 locations around the world has made ProNett its obvious choice. Having identified the businesses need for centralised control of repairs, maintenance and compliance, Jamie’s property team explored the marketplace and settled on ProNett’s unique ability to get the job done.

The key ingredients to ProNett’s ongoing success are transparency, accountability, innovation, simplicity, quality, speed and delivery of value, all in the mix and at a customers finger tips, quite literally when also utilising ProNett’s mobile web apps for business process management and control on the move.

Technology savvy Operator’s and their Retail Team Members embrace with ease ProNett’s simple to use self-serve interfaces and intuitive workflows to get things fixed quickly, utilising the Private Cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service solution. The key benefit for multi-site operators is that ProNett is entirely browser driven, therefore nothing to install, nothing to download and nothing to worry about as it’s nothing more than a provisioning of a web-link to the hosting server for sites to get up and running.

ProNett Customers have no fear over whether their Contractors will adapt to the system, as on average 75% of their existing contractor base are likely to be already interacting with the system on some of the 100,000,000 sqft of property ProNett currently looks after (and yes that’s right, one hundred million sqft!) throughout the UK.

Sales Director of ProNett, James Gregory said:

We’re delighted that the Jamie Oliver Group have chosen ProNett. They become customers at an exciting time for the business; our decision to move to a Private Cloud to ensure our technology remains at the forefront of Property Maintenance solutions has generated not only a growing customer base, order book and a stronger pipeline into the retail sector, with plenty more good news to share over the coming months.

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