Tesco sticks Giraffe restaurant’s neck out to reach more people.


Tesco sticks Giraffe restaurant’s neck out to reach more people

Tesco’s have today announced a rapid expansion of their company’s dining/coffee operations (which is currently an impressive 2 per week!). They are either fully-owned or partners in each business. It’s a forward-thinking approach for the well-known Supermarket Chain, as they say “transforming Tesco through a relentless focus on providing the most compelling offer for our customers.”

Great news for Giraffe – one of ProNett’s existing Customers. Who have for a while, been using our forward-thinking, Property Maintenance and Facilities Management Software Solution in their high street locations. Being an easy to use intuitive system, significantly reducing its customer’s costs and administration requirements, it allows each of its customers to focus on their existing business running effectively and efficiently as well as exploring further growth.
Read the full article about Giraffe, Tesco’s and their plans in more detail – ‘Wed 16th Apr 2014 – Breaking News – Tesco – we will open 100 Giraffe, Decks and Harris + Hoole outlets next year – we opened 128 Express stores this year and refreshed almost 200 as we work towards being the best, most relevant convenience retailer in town’ as featured in Propel. An insightful read every morning for us.
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