FM: Can you afford not to? What Whitbread said about ProNett.


FM: Can you afford not to? What Whitbread said about ProNett

In February 2014, Construction News published a feature “FM: Can you afford not to?” which included a clients view about what they wanted from Facilities Management providers.

The answer featured was “Help us forecast expenditure – In the past we have struggled to track the cost and progress of our maintenance” written by Alex Flach – Construction and R&M Director of Whitbread plc. Click on the article to read it in full.

ConstructionNews FM Can you afford not to

A common issue for multi-site businesses is really knowing where their budget is being spent and being able to keep track of this. This is a huge advantage which ProNett can bring to the business as it manages these details in real-time, and keeps all the required data in one place, so whether it be either a Property Manager or Operations Manager, they know exactly where to access this information, helping manage and control the company’s expenditure

Whitbread currently have over 480 in-house engineers, servicing their 670 sites, working with ProNett, therefore keeping on top of these costs is extremely important to the business to assist with the management of future forecasting.

ProNett provides a specific ‘In-House’ module to manage these tasks, as it allows all maintenance team members to be allocated their work/tasks via mobile apps, managing the process end to end inclusive of allocated hours vs actual hours time management.

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