Cau Are MOOving Over To ProNett

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Cau Are MOOving Over To ProNett

The shareholders who own Gaucho formed Cau in 2011. The Cau restaurants are inspired by Argentina offering a more simple and affordable menu. Cau director Charlie Mclean wanted to create a more casual version of Gaucho and bring it to the high street.

The vision for Cau was to capture that spirit in a restaurant that would fit right into the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires. The menu at Cau embraces Buenos Aires cuisine; a melting pot of comfort food inspired by Italy and Spain alongside the jewel in Argentinas crown, its beef.

Cau currently has seventeen locations and is continuing to expand and grow, therefore ProNett is the ideal solution for the management of their restaurants property maintenance.

ProNett delivers benefits to businesses by streamlining their maintenance callouts process significantly. Members of staff are able to use the simple web application to raise call outs to contractors allowing the restaurants to experience quick response times resulting in equipment being fixed on a fast and first time basis.

ProNett manages all aspects of compliance, auto scheduling service visits and order raising. Keeping costs controlled and having concise factual information are all advantages of using ProNett for a growing business.


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